Are you (almost) father or mother?

On who can you count?

Who can you count on?

You are a mother, or almost-mother. Or you are (almost) a father.
 You are happy about that. But there are moments when you just don’t know it all anymore. You want to give your baby all the attention and care you can. But you also have to work, or learn. Or there are hassles with your benefits, or with the house. And what about yourself? Do you still have time to do fun things?

How can MattieClick help you?

As a parent, you really don’t have to do it alone. Because there may be more people around you than you think. People who want to help you, so that it becomes just a little bit easier. Maybe it’s hard to think of whom to turn to. And what exactly you can ask someone. MattieClick helps you with that.

With MattieClick, you create your own handy overview of your network (including people you might not have thought of). So you know who you can count on!

The story of Desi

Desi is six month pregnant. “It is going to be a boy, I know that already.”. I am looking forward to it all, but I am also a bit nervous. Sometimes I am worried if I will be a good mom. Raymond, my husband doesn’t understand. In his eyes it will be alright. My GP advised me to do the MattieClick. So I could look in my own network for more support. And it worked. I got in touch with Susan, mother of three. I can talk to her and her advise helps me a lot. I feel more support and that makes me more confident.

About MattieClick

MattieClick is an initiative of Angelique van Dam and is based on a method she previously developed with her organisation My Life With (MLM). She has now made this method suitable for young (expectant) parents. With MattieClick, parents get a better grip on their situation.


MattieClick is part of the European project PATH / Interreg2Seas.  In this project, Dutch, English, French and Belgium partners work together. All partners develop projects to better support young (expectant) parents in the often difficult first years of their child’s life.

Maasstad Hospital, one of the Dutch partners in PATH, is closely involved with MattieClick.

As part of the European project PATH, MattieClick was asked to share the following questionnaire for Hogeschool Antwerpen. This questionnaire can be completed by both the (expectant) mother and (expectant) partner.