Here starts your MattieClick online. Follow the five steps and you will complete the full relationship map. 

Step 1

Super! You get started with your relationship network.

Anna, will guide you through the videos, and will help to help you fill out your relationship map step by step.

Download it quickly!

You are the center of your network. So put yourself through a picture or your name in the middle of the relationship map.

Step 2

Now that you put yourself on the map, you want to for the next step. Who do you want on the map?

 Make a list of all the people who know. To do this, first grab a notebook and a pencil or pen. After all, you probably know more people than you think. 


Step 3

In this step you gonna find out who you want to put on the map. If you think twice, not all the people you know will be so important to you that they deserve a place on your map.  

In this step, you are going to choose who should be on the map for you. Who do you really see as part of your relationship network?

Take your relationmap and put these people in the right category and distance.

Don’t throw  your grosslist away. Keep it, because you never know who you want to add to your relationsmap, along the way.


Step 4

Everyone you see as part of your relationship network is now on your map. But how is your relationship with these people?

 You will now determine that using 5 different options. Since this is really about how you feel about the relationship, there is no right or wrong. Feel free to be really determine the way YOU think or feel about the relationship. 

Take 5 crayons and a ruler. From you to this relationship, draw a line in your chosen color.

Step 5

As you can see, a kind of wheel has formed on your map of all your relationships. In this step we are going to look at how your relationships are connected.

 Who knows whom? Connect these people with each other. 


Congratulations! Your social-map is complete!

But now what? Take some time to look at your card.

What stands out to you? Who are you still missing? Where could you still use some people?

Write down 3 actions for yourself! Make them simple and small.


For example, Anna’s action is, “Invite Marloes over for coffee.



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